Altered Reality

Using digital manipulation ( Adobe Photoshop) to recreate a new reality, is limited only by one's vision. Merging one's own images, working with layers, masks and adding blended textures to create a montage, is a time consuming, satisfying labour of passion for Photoshop and creation. Inspiration is required as well as many cups of coffee.

Dancing in the shadows

2 images

Photo 1 - An old stable with streaming light entering the door.

Photo 2 -Dancer photographed in a factory.

Photoshop merge. Conversion to black and white.


2 images

Photo 1 - My 90 year old mum in studio.

Photo 2 - Her hands and silver mirror that she holds, was given to her as a christening present.

Photoshop merge.


My vision was to meld the model's muscles and the tree's mysterious branches.

2 images

Landscape in a forest in England.

Model posed at an expo in South Africa.


I was trying out a new lens at an expo. I asked the model to only move her arms, whilst keeping her eyes closed. Months later, I went through my images and created, Confusion. Sadly I cannot locate this model. If you know her, please ask her to be in touch.

6 images

Much blending, much frustration.


An easy compilation. Black background.

Photo 1 - Thabo head and shoulders only.

Photo 2 - Thabo with hands placed in front of his face.

Photoshop - Layers. Mask. Brush.