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Your company's photographic goal will be to project the right imagery for your brand.

Imagery should convey your company message - Professional. Clean. Exciting. Invoke Emotion.

You want people to invest in your company. You want prospective clientele to make contact with you - therefore images need to portray the right response. We take into consideration your corporate colours, your modus operandi, the size of your business, what the market currently offers and how you want to fit into, or stand out from the rest.

Us to you

We meet up with your marketing department to ascertain your requirements.

You may be looking for a fresh approach with dynamic new images. Your mindset may be to steer clear of your competitors approach to marketing. A picture 'sells' a thousand words. We ensure a seamless trend throughout.


Architecture says much about who and why you operate from a certain address. We capture daylight and after dark imagery, to bring out the power of your building and what it means to you and your clientele.


Each event has a specific brief. This brief needs to be understood, adhered to and put into action.

We arrive on time. Every time.

We are on point.

Your vision, is our goal.


Head Shots

We have mastered the art of relaxing your staff, making them feel comfortable in themselves and preparing them to portray their position within your company. We bring all the necessary studio equipment and utilise a small, designated area within your offices. There is minimal downtime as we efficiently work through each department requiring headshots.

Groups of departments are photographed at an appropriate location within the company. The entire company is usually captured to include the frontage or part of the building. We have been known to hire a cherry-picker crane for large staff compliments. We always add in an extra day for staff members absent from work at no extra charge.

Images are viewed directly through our portal.

Images are downloaded directly through our portal.

2 day delivery.

Some of our covered commercial photography:

British American Tobacco BAT - Mozambique

Mcel - Mozambique

Standard Bank- Mozambique

Circuit Break Industries


Radisson Hotel

Kopanong Hotel

Ebotse Hotel




Bay Engineering