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Where are your branches?
Benoni, Sandton, Durbanville

How long are the part time courses?
Every part time course consists of 4 lessons. Each lesson is 4 hours.4 hours x 4 lessons = 16 hours in total

When do your full time courses run?
Monday to Friday (09:00- 13:00)

When do your part time courses run?
Monday to Saturday Mornings (09:00- 13:00)Monday to Saturday Evenings (18:00- 22:00)

What is the maximum number of students per class?
We work on a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 students per class. We keep our classes small so everyone can ask questions and have individual attention.

I have attended a course at another institution, can I attend a further course at Getpix?
Of course. We don’t mind where you have had previous training, congratulations that you have started learning.

I would rather learn on my own with an instructor, classes with others are not for me?
This can be arranged at any time of the day, that suits you (09:00 – 22:00).There is a 50% surcharge for private tuition.

What happens if I want to attend a course and no one else is booked for the same class?
You have 2 options: We can add your name onto our database and we will call you when the next course has 2 or more students, or you may choose private tutition ( as per above)

I only speak Afrikaans, what language do your instructors speak?
All of our instructors are fluent in English and Afrikaans. We often speak both languages if the class is mixed.

I only speak Zulu?
Our instructor, Sivu Matsiliza , is fluent.

I am in a wheelchair, do you have wheelchair access and bathroom access.
Yes we do.

I am deaf, can I come on a course?
Of course, we have had more than one hearing impaired student, the youngest , a young girl of 21 years old.

Do you critique our homework?
Yes, we do. You give your instructor your flash drive and we sit down at the beginning of each lesson and critique every image so that you have constructive feedback. This allows you to improve on your quality and composition of your images.

Do I get a certificate?
Yes, everyone is issued a certificate of completion, providing that all the work is covered and understood.

I am a pensioner, do I get a discount?
Our senior citizens sometimes have more time to learn and we are very keen to teach. 5% discount applies.

If I book multiple courses do I get a discount?
Yes you most certainly do. Call us to discuss.

When do part time lessons start?
All part time lessons start in the 1st week of the month.

What happens if I miss a lesson?
In the case of illness or a true emergency, you may reschedule to catch up on the missed lesson within 3 months at no extra course. The onus is on the student to call and ask if the same course is being run in the following months.

What do I need to bring?
Bring a happy disposition and a craving to learn. In the case of a photographic course, your own digital camera is perfect with a charged battery, and empty memory card. A DSLR usually has more functionality than a compact camera. If you are attending a graphic design course, of course your laptop is essential along with loaded software. We will give you a full list of what to bring on enrolment.

Do you have a payment plan?
Full time courses have a structured monthly payment plan via debit order. All payments for part time courses need to be paid in full prior to starting the part time course.

What means of payment do you accept?
EFT is always the easiest – just add your name to the payment reference, along with the course you are attending, so we can allocate you to the correct course.Snapscan is also an option.

What happens if I want a refund?
If the reason is sound, of course we will refund you, minus a 10% handling cost.

Every part of the course was highly enjoyable and was worth the experience at Getpix.

Nashaat (Beginners Photography)

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