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August Open Day

Getpix Creative College OPEN DAY invites all students and parents to meet the principal and instructors. See what Getpix Creative College is all about and why our small classes work well.


Do you have a creative mind and the passion to make it your career.


Book an appointment to discuss your creative future – Together, let us maintain social distancing.


Date: Saturday 1st August 2020

Time: 09:00 – 16:00

Venue: Getpix Creative College – 85 Main Road, Farrarmere, Benoni


Week 7 Lockdown - GETPIX Creative College​

Graphic Design Students have put into practise, what they learnt on the Market your Business Module. They created their own company packages and pricing, so that they are ready to offer their services to future clientele. Discussing plagiarism, copyright and legal aspects, were other important business aspects that were covered.


What some of the students had to say:

• To know more how to advertise my business
• The types of social media
• Learning how the world works out there
• Really coming to terms of social media and stock websites and how to use them
• Not getting into legal conflict with other people
• Thinking in new ways
• The ways to improve my creativity


Our Photographic Students spent 4 days discovering how to place and shoot food and beverages.After practically demonstrating online, instructor Chris, let the students explore for themselves.
The results……
• Learning all the tricks and “secrets” they use to get great photos.
• Setting up a ‘scene’ to highlight the food itself and playing around
• Learning what works with what
• Finding out the sometimes deadly tricks food stylists actually use, just to get that ‘perfect shot’
• How to use light properly to enhance a photo
• Taking the actual Photographs
• How to ensure that your lighting is correct and as accurate as possible.


Make Up Artistry Students started a new module covering
Mature Make Up Applications and Avant Garde Applications
Some comments……
• I enjoyed learning how to apply mature make up
• Seeing transformations when applying this makeup.
• Nothing particularly difficult, however when doing the homework I found it quite challenging to find mature makeup packages in order to complete the homework.
• I enjoyed doing research on the Disney princesses and having to apply looks to them strategically.
• I found it quite enjoyable researching all the different looks for this module.


Week 6 - Behind the scenes during Lockdown

Clarissa is our, behind the scenes, Full time Student Coordinator. Her job is vast and all consuming. We looked for a word in the dictionary, that truly encompasses her dedication.


Dedicated: Committed, devoted, staunch, firm, stalwart, steadfast, resolute, unwavering, loyal, faithful, true. She ticks all these boxes over and over again.


Thank you Clarissa- We all know the passion you have for making our students reach their goals.

Past Student Achievements

Demi Toontas attended a part time photography course, so many years ago we have forgotten the year. He wanted to learn how to take wildlife images, especially of birds. He proudly sent us his image that took full page in a magazine. His attached comment, “Thank you Teacher”. We are mighty proud of you Demi.

New to Getpix Creative College

Inge Du Plessis joined the 1 year Photographic Course just before lock down.Tell us what you think of her uploaded collection of images, from her Artistic Module this week.

Week 5 Lockdown - GETPIX Creative College​

We asked our students to complete their thoughts on some of the modules they have covered.


What was great about Architecture and Timelapse Photography Modules ?
• Everything.
• The making of the videos
• Doing the practical and creating a timelapse
• Creating my own video out of hundreds of images
• Learning about which lenses work best for different scenario’s as well as gaining the knowledge on how to angle and place buildings, structures and objects in an image to create the most interesting photograph


What did you learn on the Evening make up module?
Identifying my own face was probably the most difficult but I’m sure with practice I’ll be able to tell the difference quite quickly and easily.
I enjoyed learning about the different face shape, lip shapes and eye shapes etc, and how to contour and highlight according to the different shapes.
I enjoyed being able to apply a full make-up look that accentuates features.
Evening was pretty clear and simple.


Graphic Design students – General responses
Learning a new app
The logos l enjoyed that
It was interesting and eye catching like some of them were a little bit tricky but the rest of it was really good

Artistic Photography

Getpix Creative College Kira, This bubble image of yours, from the Artistic Module, is super sharp and so interesting. Well done.Your focus is spot on.Shooting at home, offers new ideas

See more of the students work on our Facebook page

Week 4 Lockdown - GETPIX Creative College

This week the 1st Term reports were populated using Google Classroom and shared with our students. Photographic students continued Online Classes covering HDR ( High dynamic Range) and Time Lapse. Graphic Design Students meet up via Skype and finished InDesign theory and practical and moved onto CorelDraw. Make Up Artistry students were taught via Zoom and they now can apply evening and Avant Garde make up. Our film making and video students are very busy, learning the ins and outs of Adobe Premier Pro. We managed to photograph some of the students and instructors before screen sharing commenced.

Week 3 Lockdown - GETPIX Creative College

Over the past 3 weeks,our students have transitioned from their 1 year courses, to Online Tuition due to COVID-19 restrictions. Instructors – I applaud your dedication and commitment to our students. Students – thank you for always being online at 9am sharp and for uploading your completed modules.Clarissa- thank you for all the hard work behind the scenes, making sure we have a seamless integration with Online Tuition.

To see more photographs taken by the students – see our Facebook page and Instagram Account


As a result of the COVID-19 virus, and in the the best interest of our students, staff and instructors, we have aligned our college term break accordingly to also commence on Wednesday 18th March 2020.


This allows students to stay at home and minimise contact during this critical period.


Welcome to the new look of Getpix Creative College

We have Clarissa Jacobs from Getpix and Robynne Folkus, creative owner and designer from Eden Design Studio to thank for this dynamic look and feel. We hope you like what you see and find a course that is just right for you. To our past students, I hope you have happy memories looking at some of the images of yourselves placed on different pages throughout the website. We have 12 years of images, unfortunately we can only insert a limited number of images on our site, before it slows down your browsing. If you head across to our Instagram page, there are hundreds of past students’ images.

To our new interested creative souls that have found GETPIX Creative College – we have 12 exciting courses to offer you. They vary in duration:  1-year courses, 6-month courses and of course, the ever popular, part time courses, run for 4 lessons. On Line students, who have a year to complete their chosen course, really have been showing us their prowess in the fields of Photography and Make up artistry.

We decided that April 2020 is a good time to redesign our website.

COVID- 19 has many of us working from home and it is no better time to revamp.

To all South Africans, that are working during this very difficult, lengthy time- we salute and thank you – we really do. Join me in thanking people when you see them at work- they definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Our 2020 full time students started the first week in February. As it became clear that South Africa would be forced into lockdown, we aligned our term break with the government. Prior to lockdown, we had practical sessions, ensuring all students were comfortable with connecting for possible Online Tuition.

Our passionate instructors were well briefed and have shown us, such dynamic enthusiasm, to ensure our students do not fall behind. We are all fully aware of the gravity of the lockdown and together we are working to make Online Tuition a successful alternative in the interim. Nobody signed up for Online Tuition, but everyone is on board, ready to study in this format instead of potentially wasting a year of their life. Parents and students continue to be kept informed, every step of the way.

Our students are in week 2 of their Online Self Study and next week we start with Instructor/Student Group Online Tuition at 9am daily. Students know that after the Online Tuition, they have modules to download, work to complete and assignments to upload to keep the momentum of their studies, moving forward smoothly and consistently. Instructors are available every day, during normal study times for any phone calls, video meetings etc. We really are spoilt for communication choice, which we highly appreciated in these times.

I sincerely thank parents for their continued monthly payments during COVID-19. We continue as a small, slowly growing college, being able to pay all our staff and instructors which is paramount to us.

We look forward to the time when our president advises us that all learning institutions will reopen their doors. If we are required to continue for longer than anticipated, we are in the position to do so.  In the meantime, it’s heads down, our focus is entirely on our students with the intention of enabling them to pursue their chosen careers and for them to succeed and prove to the world and themselves, that this too shall pass and they shall emerge stronger, qualified and ready for 2021.

If there is anything that is of importance for you to discuss with us – are lines of communication are always open.

Feedback via email, SMS, WhatsApp, our website or on Facebook is always gladly accepted.

Stay Safe – Stay Healthy – Stay Focused


Paula Rutherford

GETPIX Creative College is hiring! Additional Creative Instructors

GETPIX Creative College is expanding. We require the part time services of additional knowledgeable, dynamic and motivated instructors in Photography, Gaming, Graphic Design and Interior Design to complement our courses .

Kindly email your 2 page C.V.

A word from the Principal, Paula Rutherford

Each year, GETPIX Creative College continues to grow. Our growth is small and incremental. We commenced in November 2007, 11 years ago, with part time courses only. To date, we have taught in excess of 2 068 students.

Our first full time, one year course, started in 2012. This year 17 full time students registered, across 4 different full time courses. We have had students also attending from Natal and Mpumalanga. I would like to thank my staff and instructors for their enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication to our students. We would like to congratulate all of our students and wish everyone, a 2019 to be remembered as one of growth and positivity.

Armand Wessels

2016 full time photographic student, Armand Wessels, has recently returned from his photographic contract overseas. This is the second year that he has been one of 5 chosen photographers on board ship. We caught up with Armand last week when he showed us a slideshow of his images taken during 2018. He been on board ship, continually for 9 months covering, Australia, North America, Canada and Alaska.

Our 2019 students have completed their studies at GETPIX

It was so encouraging, again this year, to see the pure dedication and hard work that was carried out and maintained, each and every day. The awards evening allowed instructors, parents, family and friends to witness where each student had excelled, with a presentation area displaying their finest work during their 6 months and 1 year of studies.

Our 17 instructors have guided, coached and excelled in their approach to each and every student. Our passionate instructors, are all professionals in the field of study and currently run their own businesses.

We are proud to showcase our graduates work.

Photography Awards

Graphic Design Awards

Makeup Artistry Awards

2018 GETPIX 11th Creative College Graduation Awards

Our students, along with their parents and families joined GETPIX staff and instructors on Saturday 2nd December at our annual graduation.

We again this year, held our Awards at Nice to Meat You. This is an outstanding venue, hosted by owners Ru and Katryn.

Our young ladies were beautifully dressed and the gentlemen looked dashing in their suits. Our Masters of Ceremony, Vivienne Murray and Candice le Roux enthusiastically walked us through the evening’s proceedings.

2016 past photographic student, Armand Wessels, was our guest speaker with a talk and presentation of his photographic travels across America, Canada, Alaska, Australia and Europe. During the past 2 years he has been employed on board ship and as a result, his travels have pursued. He continues for a third year as the ship’s photographer in 2019.

The continual display of excellent work during the evening had many in awe. We would like to congratulate all students on their talent, committment, values and work ethics. It was a pleasure to have taught you and to have you as part of our 2018 student body.

Sound Engineers, Make Up Artists, Graphic Designers and Photographers – You all have so much to offer the world. Go forth and take your place. This world needs you.

Paula Rutherford

To see more photos of the event visit our Facebook page and Instagram Account

Fashion Photography Week

This month our photographic students completed a module on Fashion photography. Their module comprised of Lay Flat, Studio and on Location shooting. Flat Lay fashion takes time and a creative person to successfully portray garments and accessories in a pleasing manner which will excite prospective buyers. The on location shoot was a joint venture with models from Vaal Tech. Samba and his friends took a 4 hour train journey to Benoni. Wow, they really were prepared. Each GETPIX student was paired up with a model using The Observatory as their backdrop with natural lighting. The images show how much fun everyone had and the level of our students talent 9 months into their photographic career. Our fashion studio shoot was a collaboration with fashion designer William De Beer. Pikkies garments were flawlessly designed and the models carried his line of clothing to perfection. This time students used studio lights to achieve their images.

To see more photographs taken by the students – see our Facebook page and Instagram Account

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