Landscapes. Cityscapes. Seascapes. Buildingscapes.

Getpix Photography - architecture

British Splendour

Laying up carpeted steps to get this shot amused museum staff.


ISO 1600

S/S 1/60

F/stop 22

Getpix Photography - landscape


When wildlife hide, there is always something else to capture.

Handheld through a car window

ISO 400

S/S 1/250

F/stop 11

Getpix Photography - architecture

Ponte - Star Wars

Traipsing up a multi storey carpark with camera gear and a tripod is hard work.


Multiple exposure

3 Bracketed images - Photoshop

Getpix Photography - architecture

St. Paul's View

That day, I limited myself to only shoot St. Paul's Cathedral - Inside, outside, across the road and from above.

3 stacked images

Getpix Photography - architecture

Lift - Looking Up

Always explain your vision to the security on duty.

Lay on the floor. Shoot Up.

Let security laugh at your weird contortioned body.

Zoom out. Shoot. Smile. It's a winner.

Getpix Photography - landscape


Wellington boots, tripod ( in fast moving sea water!) and camera strap held tightly.

Other photographers on the beach said I was brave. Insure your equipment!

Getpix Photography - architecture


In the middle of a road trip through the Karoo, I found this majestic church.


Multiple images HDR post processing.

Getpix Photography - architecture

The Shard

Reflections, moody skies and a cold London morning.

Getpix Photography - landscape

Fishing vs Photography

Life is full of choices. Should I fish or should I shoot? Photography won (fish don't rise with a fluctuating pressure system).

Local is Lekker

Just West of Pretoria is a little gem. A lovely place for a couple photoshoot.

Getpix Photography - landscape