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How does GETPIX Photography photoshoot work?

Our large studio, based in Benoni, is complete with white and black backdrops and an array of studio lights, smoke machine and props. Our studio is a safe, fun environment with parking on the premises. If you have never had a photoshoot, fear not, we shall put you at ease, the minute you walk through the door.

A studio photoshoot is a positive time and space, for both photographer and model. You are unique. Each photoshoot is unique.

The atmosphere is controlled and deliberate, allowing for precision in capturing images.

How a studio photoshoot may feel?

The studio atmosphere is typically calm yet charged with anticipation. Before you arrive and the shoot begins, there's a sense of meticulous preparation – adjusting lighting equipment, setting up backdrops, and fine-tuning camera settings. The air is filled with a focused energy when you arrive, ready, for your photoshoot.

How to prepare and what to expect on your photoshoot.


Photoshoot - Model/ Birthday /Family etc.

Our large studio is complete with white and black backdrops and fun studio lights.

It's always fun to bring a friend for support and laughter.

Allow 60 minutes or 90 minutes for your photoshoot.

Clothes - Please arrive with an assortment of freshly ironed, changes of clothes on hangers, and bags full of accessories. Psst-leave T-shirts at home.

Skin - An all over creamed body is just fantastic

Hair - Freshly washed hair style makes you look your best

Nails - Hands and don't forget your pretty toes - French manicure looks refined and classy and so does your favourite funky luminous nail polish colour for a more vibey photoshoot to match your clothes

Photoshoot - Corporate/Air Hostess/ Estate Agents/ LinkedIn & Social Media Head & Shoulders

You are wanting to make an outstanding impression.

We always suggest to come casually dressed. Change your clothing at GETPIX. Bring your ironed clothes on hangers.

Heads Up - as we have done this so many times......

Ensure your bra colour will not show through your shirt.

Don't wear a t-shirt ( it wriggles up and creates unflattering lumps, that you don't have)

As the photographer, we may make subtle adjustments, to your pose and clothing, to ensure that your overall composition complements you and that you are presented in the most flattering way. If we need to adjust, say your hair, we will always ask first, if we may do so. No photographer should rearrange clothing or hair prior to asking your permission.

On Location

There are a multitude of On Location venues to host your photoshoot. Some venues require payment while others are free.

We discuss what you have in mind prior to your photoshoot, as well as the look and feel you that will make your day.

We ensure the weather is perfect 1 day before your photoshoot. We meet On Location. Please read the above paragraph, which also applies to our On location photoshoots.

Photoshoot - Model/ Birthday /Family etc.

Posing and Expression

We will often direct and guide you through various poses, seeking expressions and body language that convey the desired mood or message. The controlled environment allows for multiple takes, if necessary, until we smile and say, "it's a wrap!"

Professionalism and Relaxation

We want you to look your absolute best. Expect a sense of professionalism and, at times, a relaxed atmosphere in the studio. The collaboration between us ( the photographer) and yourself, creates a comfortable space where creativity can flow freely.

Instant Feedback

One advantage of a studio photoshoot is the ability to review your images immediately. We show you 1 or 2 images during the photoshoot. This interaction, puts our clients at ease and assures them, that they truly look great. It also tells us that we are on track to continue.

Delivery of images

We pride ourselves in delivering your images within 5 working days.

It is so easy to download your images - but do call us if you experience technical problems.

We either email or WhatsApp our clients the URL Link to your gallery on as well as the Pin Code to download their images.

Once you have this link, you will need to type in your email address and the Pin Code.

You will see watermarks across all of your images (so that no one else can download them). The Pin Code will remove all the images when you download.

Voila. Simplicity.

A day or so after you have downloaded the images, we shall give you a call, just to make sure you are smiling at your images.


Each person is unique. Each photoshoot is unique. The following serves as a guide to pricing. Please be in touch to discuss your preferences.

We invite you to bring multiple changes of clothing, if you would so like.

If applicable - Venue/Hair/Nails/Make Up -at client's own cost.

Matric Farewell 1 couple + family 1 hour R 2200

Family Studio 1 hour R 1200

Family Studio 90 minutes R 1900

Family On Location 1 hour R 1200

Family On Location 90 minutes R 1900

( Venue Fee may apply)

Maternity- 10 monthly-*Watch baby grow in tummy" R4000

Maternity & Partner Studio 90 minutes R 2200

Birth in hospital 1 hour R3000

Newborn - less than 10 days old 2 hours R2500

Birth to 1 year - 12 monthly photoshoots

*30 minutes x 12 R4800

1st Birthday 1 hour R2000

Boudoir in studio 2 hours R2500

Wedding Morning 3 hours R18 000

Wedding 8 hours R40 000



Product photographs influence shoppers purchasing decisions, which can increase sales for your business. Product photographs are used on social media platforms to help drive sales of your product or service.

We capture high resolution, clear, crisp, high quality photographs in our studio with a solid white background from multiple angles. Deep etch (removal of the background) is itemized and included in the quoted price.

The following serves as a guide to pricing. Please be in touch to discuss your preferences.

Photography Rate R850 p/hour

Edit & Deep Etch Rate R700 p/hour


Buying someone a gift voucher could be a little impersonal. Buying a gift voucher from GETPIX Photography allows your friend, lover, colleague, husband, wife or family member the chance to learn, grow and have fun with photography.

STEP 1 - You decide on the value

STEP 2 - Let us know if the amount should be included on the face of the gift voucher

STEP 3 - Make Payment and send POP -

STEP 4 - Once we receive POP, we will email /WhatsApp the gift voucher to you

GIFT VOUCHER - We email/WhatsApp you a 2-sided voucher ( birthday card style) which allows you to add your special greeting to the blank inside.

STEP 5 - You can either lovingly email the gift voucher directly, or better still the image to your closest Print Shop, to print the gift voucher on A4 white board, pop in to collect and then present in person.

Voila! Easy! Photographic Happiness in a card!




How do i book a shoot?

Call/WhatsApp/SMS 072 110 2873


Send me a distress signal!


That is always a common question.

There is no limit to the amount of images you receive.

You will receive every high resolution image that I have taken. My promise to you!


In Benoni, Gauteng. No distance is too far to travel - ever.


Yes, yes and yes


Please read above, some of the wonderful (contactable) testimonials from my previous clients.

Lifestyle - 3 days

Commercial - 5 days maximum

If our clients require deep etching (background removed) for their products - please add an additional 2 days.

What types of photoshoots do you offer?

We offer a range of photoshoots including family portraits, maternity sessions, couple/engagement shoots, corporate headshots, and more.


Paula exceeded our expectations! Her communication skills were exceptional, from the booking process all the way through to receiving our photos. Her infectious energy made the photo shoot so enjoyable, and she ensured that everyone was satisfied before wrapping up. It was great to have her show us the pictures as she took them and she even went above and beyond by staying longer to accommodate our requests. We were thrilled with the stunning images she captured and are already looking forward to booking another shoot with her.

Prenessa Mun

Feedbacks from our full time students


A fantastic photo opportunity to photograph amazing landscapes. The scenes set the mood for some outstanding HDR images that show the true beauty of Clarens.


I loved my swim in the cold lake. I loved taking photos in the morning it was cold but fun.


Clarens was such an amazing experience because “our family” were together making new memories and taking thousands upon thousands of photos. I will cherish all the memories and the friendships made on that tour for a lifetime. The quad biking, hiking on a “flat hike” and Paula going around the circle seven times were the best experience.


I had the most amazing experience in Clarens with Getpix. It was cold but we all enjoyed it so much. The laughter never stopped no matter what.


I enjoyed seeing the sky filled with stars. I enjoyed all the places we went to and enjoyed being surrounded by the mountains.


I enjoyed the fun activities that we had to do. The accommodation where we stayed was beautiful. I enjoyed talking to everyone and getting to know everyone.


Clarens was a beautiful scene to shoot. The air was fresh, the stars were bright and the company was awesome. Clarens was fun.


I got to face my two biggest fears. I got to bond with the other students and got to know them better. We learned how to work better in teams and on your own 

Good morning Paula

 All I can say is wow! We are absolutely in love with the amazing and quaint pictures you took of our little angel. It is currently talk of the family! Thank you so much not only for the photos and your artistic flair with photography but for making the actual shoot so comfortable and enjoyable for us, being so patient to get the perfect shot no matter how long it took. We really appreciate it so much! We look forward to seeing you again in the future!

Kind regards

Cerianne Martin

Paula was great. She helped me so much to learn about the photo studio, managing the lights, poses and dealing with clients. She is always keen to answer any doubts. Excellent experience.

Geri Uauy - Chile

Dear Paula. Thanks for a wonderful day today. Learnt heaps and had awesome fun. I have downloaded the photos from the D7200. Some are okay and some not so good. I can tell immediately where I have gone wrong including too bright (too high an ISO) and some way too dark (too low an ISO). I will have to practice and must learn how to limit movement when using the mother lens. Hope you also had a fabulous day.


My Special Paula 

Thank you for a really fantabulous day at Rhino Lion Park. It was fantastic. Thanks for imparting your [photographic] knowledge to help me improve. Will let you know how I get on during our holiday. 

From the bottom of my heart ❤ thanks


I attended 2 course at GETPIX Photography a few months ago and had such an amazing experience. Paula is kind and cheerful and makes every lesson fun and exciting. Her hands-on approach to learning is second to none, which will leave you with a wealth of knowledge when you complete your course.

Marcel Van Jaarsveld

The pictures are absolutely beautiful. - Faheemah

Hi Paula , thank you for the beautiful photos - Stav

Montessori Pre-School Parents

I had the most wonderful experience doing my beginners photography course with Paula. I've been wanting to take a course for years, but couldn't find anything that ticked all the boxes. Paula is a wonderful person, extremely knowledgable and talented photographer and an excellent teacher. I can't wait to do the next course, and keep improving my photography skills. Thanks Paula!

Irene Dryer

You are the perfect hostess Paula and make learning so very enjoyable. Thank you for your instruction, guidance and helping us get the most out of the workshop. I absolutely loved it.


I’ve never done a course with anyone where I’ve grasped onto information so fast as the one I did with Paula from GETPIX Photography. It really has opened a whole new world for me and I’m appreciative of that.

Thea Naicker

Hi Paula, thank you so much for your Lightroom lessons. I finally got Lightroom sorted out - I have this in my pocket!! The pictures I have been taking for the last six months look better than I ever thought and I now feel far more confident, Thank you for much for your guidance. Have a great evening.

Wayne -Leapfrog

Hi Paula first thank you very much for a great photo model shoot also for your teaching and advice I learned a lot and I highly recommend anyone who want to do model photography and also who wants to take photos with Paula . Aneska is a great model very natural , photogenic which highly recommend for any shoot. GETPIX Photography has a very good studio Thank you again.

Tony Ferreira

Wow wow wow!! What an amazing experience - Paula is just so kind and warm, she fitted into our environment like a glove. We loved spending the evening with her capturing our memories!! Thank you so much for the value you added to our Event!


Paula is an amazing photographer and an amazing person. She makes you feel so comfortable and good about yourself. I had so much fun doing my boudoir photoshoot with her. I didn't think I could look so good. Paula took stunning photos at my wedding, I will cherish them forever. I highly recommend GETPIX!!

Stacileigh Bradbury

Absolutely phenomenal, super friendly, super talented photographer, absolute privilege to model for Paula

Kimmie Powell Moutsatsos

Hi Paula

Huge thank you for a wonderful hour this morning. Loved your teaching style too. We learnt a huge amount during the hour and Linda and I would like to move forward with the Beginners Course. Thanks a ton.

Patti & Linda

We received great pics from a very memorable and sensitive event-#GreenLightRelationships. Paula was discreet during a very trying interview for me. Thank you Paula.

Getpix Photography - photographers silhouette

Thank you Paula,

Josh had such a lovely time and learnt so much. He was on Cloud 9 the whole day.

Tammy Hamilton

So proud of Josh. He has been telling us how he wants to become an animal photographer and work for National Geographic, so for Christmas we got him a beginners photography course. Today he had his first lesson. 2 and a half hours and he absolutely loved it! Getpix Photography, thank you Paula.

Gary Hamilton

Paula is amazing and very helpful, I never knew how to operate my camera when I first started, she has taught me so much. The photo shoot outing to Rietvlei was loads of fun and we managed to get some really awesome photos. Looking forward to the Kaapschehoop tour in July to photograph the wild horses in the misty forests. Thanks Paula it's going to be awesome!


We did 2 classes with the bubbliest person, Paula!!!! The learning was so special for practical and theory just jelled together and you only realize how much you have learned when you start going through photos and see what you have achieved !!!!! Teaching never feels overwhelmed and she just has the passion to make each interaction sooooo special. Your style is enhanced by her knowledge and individual attention !!!! Thank you Paula till next time . Your very spesial !!!

Amanda Pienaar

Dear Paula,

I sincerely appreciate all the support you have given all your students and Nkateko in particular. You were awesome and have definitely left an indelible mark in the Nkateko’s mind and ours. Your professionalism has stood up and at no point did I feel you were giving up on your students and that is greatly appreciated. Remember you play a critical community development role and I want to tell you that you have the right attitude and all the requisite credentials to execute on your calling.

Jabu - Nedbank

Hi Paula,

Thank you for the Photography Course so far, I did not understand the Exposure Triangle settings until I got onto your course, I became much more confident in taking photos, Thank you for teaching me how to use Manual, I never had an idea that I would be able to use manual, it is so exciting. I am looking forward what I can still learn from your courses.

Johan de Jager

Hi Paula

Thank you for the feedback.

David is loving it .. I haven’t seen him this excited for anything.

His words “you are amazing and I am loving it” he is already convincing me for other courses.

Last night he showed me what he learnt and the photos. And he has already phoned me today to tell me what he did for the day. All that I can say is thank you.

Angelique Thomson | Advertising Co-Ordinator Technical Sale & Support | Customer Support & Marketing/UK

Getpix Photography - young photographer in training
Getpix Photography - young photographer in training

Hello Paula,

Thank you so much for your critique, I love the way you give such useful feedback. I am going to go back and look at the photos again with your critique in mind – will especially check the post processing for the grey skin…

Linda Carter

Morning Paula

Thank you so much for all your feedback. I will definitely keep at it and experiment more with my flash and night time photography. Thank you once again for a great course, I really learnt a lot!

Kind regards

Taryn Human

Hello Paula,

You know, that without lectures of your calibre, we all would certainly not learn as much.

So, thank you again for your participation, we would have been the poorer without you being there.



Hi Paula

Thank you yes we are very proud of him it is his dream to work on the ships I know he will do good work and enjoyed it.

Thanks to you and all the other instructors for everything you do for him and all the help and support , we appreciate it.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year

Frieda and Gerrit Wessels

Good day,

Long time that I have heard from you guys! It all goes well on this side I'm working as a graphic designer and taught myself now, how to do coding for web site now currently busy building one.... Very hard work and lots of patience, my photography is going well still doing shoots here and there when I have the time.

Missing you guys alot!! Lots of love

Marinda-Lee Cloete

My photos are Sooo beautiful thank u my angel, wow, u r so talented.


Hi Paula,

Thank you for the capturing the beautiful photos of my kids. Thank you,

Candice Kuper.

  Dear Paula.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank You, Clarissa, Sam and all the instructors for all the help, guidance and encouragement that you gave Celine this year enabling her to achieve the awards that were presented to her. She was so excited about College this year and had many memorable moments whilst there, she learnt a great deal about photography and is now equipped with the necessary skills to earn a living doing what she likes.

 I always used to tell her that it was important to make a career out of something that you enjoy doing, and Celine loves her photography, I think she has found her calling in life.  It can't be easy running a business attending to all the issues and challenges that present themselves, but you and your team do a great job. Thanks very much for a wonderful Graduation evening, we will remember it for a long time to come. Best Regards

Warren Trollope.

Hi Paula

Thank you ever so much for these beautiful images of Kyle. They are absolutely stunning... Thank you.


Hi Paula

Thank you for the feedback. David is loving it .. I haven’t seen him this excited for anything. His words “you are amazing and I am loving it” he is already convincing me for other courses. Last night he showed me what he learned and the photos. And he has already phoned me today to tell me what he done for the day . All that I can say is thank you


How are you? Hope things are well. So our photography lecturer is finishing at the end of the month and the big boss thought of me as a replacement. I'm in training now until the end of June and if they are satisfied with my services I will be appointed as the photography lecturer! I will be teaching my first class on Wednesday. I'm so excited and I'm feeling positive about it. Just wanted to let you know. Kind regards


Hi Paula!

Thank you for the report, Inge showed me. I would just like to say thank for this opportunity you gave my daughter, she is exited and inspired again, due to your commitment and very high standards. I will definitely recommend your college in future , thank you once again to you and your team, you are fantastic people.

Kind regards

Soritha du Plessis


Thank you so much Paula!

You have no idea how much this means to me.

Leago Khauoe

Thank you so much for the beautiful picture. It was certainly our lucky day when Juno stopped to admire the cosmos with you. I plan to have it framed and will treasure is for many years. Again, thanks for capturing a special moment. 


Hi Paula

Thank you very much for our stunning wedding pictures we are extremely happy. Getpix's service was excellent and the photographers were extremely professional, friendly and efficient. We received exactly what we ordered. Kind Regards Dora

Good morning Paula

Apologies for the delayed response. I only managed to get the disc this past week. All I can say is wow! We are absolutely in love with the amazing and quaint pictures you took of our little angel. It is currently talk of the family! Thank you so much not only for the photos and your artistic flair with photography but for making the actual shoot so comfortable and enjoyable for us, being so patient to get the perfect shot no matter how long it took. We really appreciate it so much! We look forward to seeing you again in the future!

Kind regards Cerianne Martin

How are you Paula? 

So I'm very excited to hear from JSE today that iv got a 6 months contract with them for all there events.The meeting with the manager and director of marketing went very well and funny enough I wasn't so nervous.Yes, I dressed formal which was out of my comfort zone but I think it made a good impression on them.

I wrote up a quote for the shoot they want next week for 30 workers including management and they replied with the go - ahead. I gave them many options of what I can do during the meeting and they seemed happy with the concept. The manager also told me the reason why there are not using *** anymore, apparently he charged R2900 for 3 photos per person. They also showed me photos they had paid him for and the quality was very bad and they only received the photos after 1 month.

I just wanted to thank you for helping me and giving me advice, it really helped me a lot.

Regards Stephanie

Hi Paula,

Thanks so much for the photos! They are awesome!!!

Kerry Krauss

Hi Paula,

The photos and disc arrived this morning, they are brilliant - thank you so much. 

Trish Bell

Hi Paula

The wedding was hectic like we expected. The thing I am so grateful for learning( on our wedding course ) was not to promise anything and if the bride is late then so be it...and so we did well with that. Our bride was really running late with her make-up and hair and we had no time for her before photos, but we had no choice, we had to move...made do!!! It is a fast moving day for sure once the service starts and not much time for fiddling...

Have a great day and again thanks for the support!!!




It was such a warm and lovely environment, I made friends for a lifetime this year. I've learnt so much. The laughs and fun were endless. I loved the fact that you are taken and accepted the way you come ‘vibe that was given off by everyone this year.

Making me believe that it’s okay to try and fail – you learn from your mistakes. For staying later with me and giving me amazing photos. There will never be enough thank you’s to express how thankful I am to the both Clarissa and you. Even though I had no idea what I was doing most of the time, you still supported me. The constructive criticism and tips have helped me way more than you know. I love you both.

 Thank you Paula for always making me feel like I will always have a place at Getpix. For always motivating and admiring my work. For always being soft with me and taking amazing photos for me. And thank you for sweet talking my mother into letting me go here.


I thoroughly enjoyed my 2018. I am grateful for everyone who made my experience at Getpix a memorable one.



I will def be back to visit.






My year at Getpix was amazing. I learnt so much and gained so much.

 The environment was always exciting, creative and upbeat. I know I will always be where I am because of Getpix.

Have fun for the years ahead.

 -Sam -

Hi Paula

 I would really like to thank you and Getpix for all you did for Monique. We saw our daughter flourish and strive for excellence in the career she is destined to be on.

 We saw a child bloom and be so in her element.

 She is now being permanently appointed as Junior Graphic Designer at Matrix Head office. Her designs are already gracing the windows of the stores

 Best Regards

 Verlene Olivier

Dear Paula, Clarissa, Chris and all staff at Getpix.

  1. I would like to give my sincere thanks and appreciation for what you have done for Inge in such a short time and amidst the difficulties during this year. You changed Inge’s life, she absolutely LOVES Getpix and all of you. It was wonderful to see her grow and only because of your great support, your fantastic energy, knowledge and positive attitude towards your students and life. I cannot thank you enough, but I definitely tell all my pupils about Getpix.
  2. God bless you all and the wonderful work you are doing.

Soritha and Jan du Plessis

Soritha du Plessis

Good day All

A very BIG THANK YOU to All LECTURERS for your amazing Tutoring Skills, it’s been a Challenging but Amazing journey, with Great Value..

Much appreciated,

Thank You

Delmaine Jaipaul

Good Day Paula

Many thanks.

I would personally like to thank you for always keeping in touch with us parents, even through our difficult COVID times. I really appreciate that yourself and your Awesome Team have gone the extra mile of in teaching our Kids the Best of the Best in achieving their Goals. Kaylee has learnt so much that she is actually teaching me now. The knowledge that Kaylee has achieved is both beneficial to herself as well as it play a very big part in my Newspaper business, Print & digital. She is now my right hand in most of my challenges.

The knowledge that Kaylee has achieved will definitely assist her with her Goals going forward. I will definitely see you and your team during January.

Much Appreciated Always.

Kind regards


Dear Paula,

I sincerely appreciate all the support you have landed all your students and Nkateko in particular. You, Clarissa and the teachers were awesome and have definitely left an indelible mark in the Nkateko’s mind and ours. Your professionalism has stood up and at no point did I feel you were giving up on you student and that is greatly appreciated.

Remember you play a critical community development role and I want to tell you that you have the right attitude and all the requisite credentials to execute on your calling.

I wish you, and your staff a well-rested festive period which is COVID 19 free.

Many thanks once again for all the assistance.

Kind regards

Furumele, J. (Jabu)